Charlie Rustem Manifesto

Charlie Rustem Manifesto

I am placing the feelings and views of local residents, and transparency, at the heart of my campaign.

The new Parish Council will face tough decisions, but the way business is done needs to change.

I want more openness and better communication between the Council and the community. I feel that I can do something positive, rather than hold others to account all the time.

If elected, I will bring energy and purpose to my role. This means representing the community, not to justify council decisions to the community. I want Pebsham and St Michaels residents to be heard and influence decisions which will affect them.

My pledges:

  1. Hold a public meeting at Pebsham community centre to find out what the people of Pebsham want me to work and focus on
  2. Produce a regular newsletter to update local residents on my progress about the things they care about
  3. Make representation to East Sussex County Council and Rother District Council on behalf of Pebsham and St Michaels regarding issues outside the Parish council’s remit.

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