Collington Ward

Collington Ward

Paul Wilson – 07787 503944

My name is Paul Henry Wilson. I have been a resident in East Sussex nearly all my life, the last four years in Bexhill. My career has been in senior management / customer services and sales with a blue chip company and as I near retirement I want to help shape the future of Bexhill. I see the role of a Town Councillor as one of listening to residents and representing their views to effect change in the community. I am a hands on person who is prepared to roll my sleeves up to get things done. I have a strong understanding of local governance and a background in Town/Parish Councils. My family and I love living here but I want Bexhill to be a better place for all. When I look around Bexhill some areas have become tired and in need of some TLC. This, and engagement through exercise and sport and good working ties with businesses are all projects I would like to work towards and support. Then when the new Council is on a stable financial footing, look at bigger projects and services that could be offered for the residents. I do not believe in change for change sake but if it’s required, let’s make this happen together and in a cost effective way. We will all be paying council tax for this new Parish Council and it is important to me, that it’s affordable for all. I look forward to being an independent voice for Collington on your behalf.

Lynn Brailsford – 07714 515489

I live in the Collington area and was born and raised in Bexhill. The Bexhill I knew as a young person was very much a retirement town so I moved around 40 years ago to Hertfordshire where I raised my three children. Since returning to Bexhill 11 years ago I have been involved in a few things in the town. I enjoyed my time volunteering for St Michael’s Hospice and have also been able to help with fundraising for many locally based charitable causes. My husband’s enthusiasm for Classic Cars led us to join the local car club where I ended up as Club Secretary, helping to organise their seafront displays and their annual Classic Car Show. I was asked to take over the running of the Anglo/Continental Street Market in Devonshire Road 8 years ago and have met so many lovely local people as a result. I decided to stand in this parish election because of my interest in the town, and it’s people. I like to think that some of the skills I have picked up in my journey through life will be helpful to the parish council. I am aware of the value of money, transparency and the importance of making every penny count. I believe in old fashioned values, such as kindness, consideration and honesty. If elected I will do my best for the people of Bexhill and to make this a great place to live. Please consider voting for me as your voice for Bexhill.

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