Connor J. Winter Manifesto

Connor J. Winter Manifesto

I am placing the St Marks community at the centre of my campaign. I first became involved with local issues when invited along to a Spindlewood Development Action Group meeting by former councillor and friend Stuart Earl. This kickstarted my interest in the future of the local community.

St Marks is a lovely ward, however in recent years it has had its issues with overdevelopment. If I am elected to the new Bexhill Parish Council my aim will be to bring a strong, fresh, and transparent voice for the residents of St Marks.

My pledges:

· My aim is to engage with fellow councillors around the issue of parking and pedestrian safety along Herbrand Walk.

· I would like to see more leisure facilities for the growing number of young people who now reside in St Marks and maybe a Bowls Green in Little Common Rec.

· Represent and voice any concerns of St Marks residents at every level of authority in the hope they can be rectified.

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