Lynn Brailsford Manifesto

Lynn Brailsford Manifesto

I come from several generations of Bexhill families and this town is my roots.  I was inspired to stand for Council when the people of Bexhill were denied the right to vote for the creation of Bexhill Parish Council.  Nonetheless, Bexhill is going to have a council, so I am standing to be a voice for the people of Bexhill.   

1. The pandemic which we have all experienced has resulted in great financial hardship for so many people and with that in mind I intend to ensure that every penny under the control of our Council will be spent wisely and productively. 

2. I am concerned that the new parking regulations are having serious impact on recreational facilities and the residents in the Collington Ward

I am hardworking, honest, caring and someone who likes to get things done and would like to put this into effect for the people of Collington Ward and Bexhill.

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