Sidley Ward

Sidley Ward

Tony Carroll – 07988 697952

I am 45 years old and was raised in Bexhill. Sidley is hugely important to me and is very close to my heart. I have 2 children and a lovely wife, who are my life. Family life means everything to me, and that is another reason I love Sidley so much, some family’s go back over decades, it is a really close knit community which is special. My family have been serving the community for the past 45 years, known mainly for the fruit shop where I am seen daily, and the florist in Sidley high street for years, and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We are at the very heart of Sidley. From a young age I represented Sidley in many sporting events, and have contributed to local organisations in as many ways as I can. It has been a pleasure to help people, especially the youth. I have seen a lot of changes over the years, some better than others, but the community spirit has never changed. Our residents look out for each other, they stick together. For many years I have believed I could make a difference for residents of Sidley but I have no political leaning, so when the chance came up to be a part of a non-political parish/town council, I felt this was my time to step forward. I enjoy a challenge, I want to see Sidley back with sport arts and community. I’d appreciate your vote to help me make the difference.

Julie Norris – 07806 855414

My name is Julie Norris, I was born and bred in Sidley. My parents lived in Catsfield, and moved to Gunters lane, Bexhill, in 1960. My Father was a well-known cabinet maker, and antiques restorer. My mother worked as a ladies hair dresser, until having the family. I have a twin sister, and an older brother, both of whom live locally. I attended the Downs Infant School, and later went on to the secondary school next door. After leaving school, I became a qualified dental nurse and spent ten years working at the dental practice in Holliers hill. Since that time, I have worked at other practices in the area for another 29 years. I am married to Mike, and have a 19-year-old son, and we live in Turkey Road, where I have resided for 15 years. We now own ‘The Corner Café & Bake house which we opened in August 2020. This is situated where the old post office was on Ninfield Road. We have met a lot of local residents who have become regular customers, and also have now become friends. I feel very passionately about what goes on in the Sidley area, and would like to improve the local environment and social amenities. I want to help to keep it that way. I would like to represent the Sidley area as a councillor, because of my life long association with the area.

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